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As a foster, adoptive, biological, and tattooed mom – I have struggled to find children’s book that properly represent my unique family. And I firmly believe that every child and family should be able to see themselves represented visually in a positive manner. The nuances of broad representation can never be represented in one book. I would challenge that true representation could not be accomplished in one bookshelf or library. It is an ideal that must be chased and encouraged every day.

Inclusive Bookshop is looking to connect with Own Voice content creators to bring attention to authors, books, and organizations that are often overlooked or misrepresented by the book industry. Focusing on high quality books for children ages 13 and younger. Currently connected to the Ingram Catalogue of books which hosts traditionally and self-published works.

Own Voices – books, blogs, and reviews that features diverse representation from authors that also identify as that specific representation. For example: my book Lets Talk About It, positive conversation starters for kids from A to Z,  is illustrated to be inclusive of multicultural families, kids with disabilities, the LGBTQ community, and unique individuals. That is my Own Voice viewpoint.