KidLit Mama Preschool Book Recommendations 


KidLit Mama Preschool Book Recommendations

“I’m a mom and an elementary school teacher. Within these roles, I value exploration, creativity, and inclusivity. I love kids, I love books, and I love opportunities for play. I love that you are here. Welcome!

Discover the best in children’s books and explore book collections curated with specific topics & themes in mind. Books are selected with a lens of inclusivity.

I’ve been book crazy for as long as I can remember. As a kid, I’d make weekly library trips with my dad and come home with bags upon bags of library books in tow. I’ve grown older, but my love of children’s books (kid lit) has remained the same.

I am now a fourth grade teacher and mama to a precious and inquisitive baby girl. The book love is real in our classroom and home. My goal is to share this love with you and help you grow closer and learn alongside the littles in your life through books and play.

I value inclusive books that provide windows and mirrors to both my daughter and my students. It is my hope and intent that you see this reflected in the content I share here.”


Amara and the Bats, by Emma Reynolds

Amara loves bats and is determined to help save the bats in her community! This title emphasizes the importance of working together and engaging in environmental activism.


I Love Vincent, by Laura Ljungkvist

Join Scout, a seeing-eye dog, on his daily adventures with his human Vincent, who is blind. This title is both playful and informative – I foresee it being a hit with kids!



Isabel and her Colores Go to School, by Alexandra Alessandri

This first day story could serve as a mirror for language learners who do not yet proficiently understand the language used at school. It’s also a story about friendship and finding common ground and understanding despite our differences!


Like a Dandelion, by Huy Voun Lee

This beautiful title, inspired by the author’s own story of moving to the United States from Cambodia, celebrates the bravery of immigrants and refugees as they embark on their journey and “take root” in a new place. This is an valuable title for helping children develop empathy!


Oliver’s Lollipop, byAllison Wortche

This playful tale reminds kids to live in the present! It features Oliver, a biracial boy, who is on a birthday trip to the zoo with his family. Instead of focusing on the wonderful experience around him, Oliver is absolutely captivated by his lollipop.


When Lola VisitsWhen Lola Visits, byMichelle Sterling

This is easily one of my favorite books of 2021! In it, a girl of Filipina heritage vividly and poetically describes what her summers taste, sound, feel like when her Lola (Grandma) comes to visit.  Also recommended by another Inclusive Bookshop Reviewer here.


Zuri Ray Tries Ballet, by Tami Charles

I appreciate how this title promotes body inclusivity by featuring a protagonist with a normal looking body – little girls deserve to see this! This is the first title in a new picture book series featuring Zuri Ray!



The Fastest Girl on Earth! by Dean Robbins

This is the biography of Kitty O’Neil, a true action-lover and daredevil who became deaf at a young age. She accomplished many feats in her lifetime, including working as a stuntwoman in various films and breaking the women’s land speed record – going a whopping 618 mph!! Kitty’s story is truly fascinating, and I think her Native heritage (her mom was Cherokee) is notable!


Let’s Go for a Walk, by Ranger Hamza

There has been a recent push to make “outdoors-ing” more inclusive and accessible, so I appreciate that this book is written by a Black man! In this book, author Ranger Hamza encourages children to go on a nature walk, making observations and looking for particular elements as they go.


Jack Horner: Dinosaur Hunter, by Sophia Gholz

This title is about Jack Horner, renowned paleontologist who is also dyslexic. I appreciate that this title features someone notable with a common learning disability.


Little People, Big Dreams®: RuPaul, by Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara

This biography focuses on the life of RuPaul Charles, the famous drag queen who inspires people everywhere to be true to themselves! The illustrations are so vibrant and fabulous!


Sharice’s Big Voice, by Sharice Davids and Nancy K Mays

This is a picture book autobiography telling the story of Sharice Davids, one of the first Native woman to be elected to Congress as well as the first LGBTQ person to represent Kansas. Sharice’s story is sure to inspire readers as they face challenges of their own.


We Move the World, by Kari Lavelle

Featuring many diverse figures from throughout history, this title helps kids see the connection between their actions as children and their world-changing contributions. Reading this will help children recognize their power and potential!




Elizabeth “The Kid Lit Mama” is a children’s book aficionado, third grade teacher, and mom to an adventurous baby girl who inherited her mama’s book love. She values inclusive books that provide windows and mirrors to both her daughter and her students. You can find her sharing children’s books and how to use them both on Instagram and on her website/blog.


KidLit Mama Preschool Book Recommendations

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